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Larger premises for GENERATION21

Our first prayer meetings began with 5 people on the beaches of Biarritz... Today, we are more than 150 and it's too small!

In 2015, we were a handful of us praying on a beach in Biarritz seeking God's will!

We started by renting a small room in a vacation center on Sundays. As the high season approached, the premises were no longer available, so we held our meetings outdoors for several weeks. We then rented a small space on the outskirts of Biarritz which quickly proved to be too small. We then found another property near the Biarritz Airport in a spacethat we expanded twice in 5 years.

Today, we are nearly 150 people on Sundays and our dream for God is to rent or buy a property of at least 500m2.

We would like to create a living space that can accommodate a Christian conference center to bring together the church and invite "impactful" ministries.

We are also ready to establish a partnership with a Bible Institute. Finally, we will have the space to continue our social and humanitarian activities that have already reached thousands of people in the last decade, particularly with the "one box, one smile" operation.

For a purchase, such a project represents a budget of one million euros in the Biarritz, Anglet, Bidart area.


For renting, a monthly rent of €6,000 must be planned in addition to agency fees, deposits, and space adaptation costs.

We are currently visiting properties and consulting with the city of Biarritz, financial advisors, and real estate agents. We must be ready to respond as soon as we find the property that fits the project.

That is why we need to raise €150,000 by October 2024!

The strategy is as follows:

  • Either we find a property that we can buy and the €150,000 will allow us to cover the initial expenses (notary and agencies) and to have a financial deposit for the bank.

  • Or we rent a property of 500m2 for 3 years and the €150,000 will allow us to have 1 1/2 years of rent in advance and to pay agency and adaptation costs, without touching our operating budget.

Your help will allow us to continue the church's growth, have more impact, significantly increase the number of members, and have more time to strengthen ourselves financially and find the best possible space (the real estate market is very tight on the Basque Coast).

Final beneficiaries of the collection:

The beneficiaries will be the Christians of GENERATION21 church, which was officially born in prayer in 2015.


It is affiliated with the Christian Association for the Francophonie (ACF).

Project leaders:

Franck and Camille are the founders of GENERATION21. He is from the North of France, she from Marseille. He converted in Phoenix and she in Toulouse.

They met in Dax, married there, and responded to God's call.

From January 2002 to June 2006, they went to Quebec to train and were recognized as pastors at the New Life church in Longueuil (QC).

From September 2006 to February 2011, they were the lead pastors of the AOG Church in Amiens.

In 2011, they moved to Biarritz with the desire to serve God and respond to the spiritual needs of the time.

Finally, it was the planting of a church that was inspired by God. Over time, they brought together 5 people, then 15, then 25... to bring together up to 160 people on Easter in 2024

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